Round Robin Projects

This is a navy metal suitcase with very cool hardware.

Even though there are stains inside the suitcase, there are no odors. Apparently this suitcase was stored in the attic versus a basement!

I participated in a couple of online "Fatbooks" and art groups where we exchanged different books.

It didn't take long to have a overflowing collection. For a long time, I just had them in a plastic tub. I added the art projects that were also at one time on the coffee table.

I decided that the suitcase was a better choice and I am going to stack them in the living room (I have several) and then the one on top will be open for friends who are visiting to enjoy. Every month I will switch out the top suitcase. It's better than having art projects stuffed away where you and others can not enjoy them!


Jane Farr said...

Very cool!! This reminds me of going to L.S.Ayres Tearoom with my mom when I was little....if I was good, I got to pick something out of the Tearoom's "treasure chest."

inkybru said...

Sara, I love this idea....I should do the same with my hat boxes. They are full of art books that we all have made.