Dada Poetry

I first read about Dada Poetry in an old issue of the Oprah magazine. I was intrigued as to how it worked. I encourage you to try it as I have. I think you will be amazed with what you will write! Tip: All the text needs to come from the same source. I was inspired to make these three cards after a women’s retreat. (a previous post)

These three ATC’s that feature the Goddess were all gleaned from the same article…..had nothing to do with the Goddess. This is what happened when I separated the words and re-arranged them. Cool huh?

My sister-in-law, Pat gave me one earring that I recycled into an embellishment. Pat is always saving me great stuff for me to use in my art!! Thanks Pat!!!

I was then inspired to make Dada Poetry using some of my favorite photos. This one shows Charlotte Shockley and her mother in 1945. I rescued the photo from a landfill.

This is a family photo of a homestead with one of my great great aunts. I think it is my favorite one thus far.

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