A Curious Curio

Our project was a wood curio cabinet with a glass door....all ready to be altered. There were so many delicious techniques that I learned along with lots of FUN!

This is my first step using a color wash. I choose blue, green and yellow wash.

More fun with picking out papers and cutting them to the perfect size!

The papers are glued in place using gel medium.

Isn't nice that Tim is willing to assist!!! My nails were too long to screw into my cabinet the tiniest screw hook!

My hands are definitely ready for a manicure!

This is the beginning of my process....so many choices!

It's good to be able to move items around until you find the "just right" placement.

This tiny cabinet packs a whole lotta stuff! It was great fun making it too!

As always, I have to put my own spin on projects. At home, I added a crystal doorknob from the 30's. In the photo above, you can see that I added a wooden structure so the cabinet won't be tipping over accidentally.

This is the view with the glass door open. The cool thing about the door is that your special "goodies" can be viewed but safe from being handled.


letterlady said...

Looks like this was a lot of fun!

Sharon said...

Wow! Sara, what an amazing project! You curio cabinet just makes me want to look into every corner and drink up all the details. Beautiful work, as usual. ")