Sister's Exchange

My sister's name is officially Annie; however, we address each other only by "sister." Just like the Baldwin sisters from The Walton's. And we both appreciate "the recipe" too. So sister and I decided to exchange fabric pages until we have enough to make a fabric book or die trying....whatever comes first. I should mention that she suggested the first challenge which was rick-rack. This is her first page and it's awesome. I LOVE it!!! Sister is so clever! Just how much of the recipe did she consume to make such great Yo'yo's?

Sister thinks that I am teasing her, but honestly I have mailed to her my exchange and she should receive it on Saturday. I could not resist making her the angel that she is in my life!

The angel doll fits inside the pocket and the description is listed on the Evidence Tag.

The next challenge.....zippers! Stay tuned.....


firstborn studio / denise lombardozzi said...

both precious!
do share "the recipe"!

hope all is are missed!


Sara said...

D-Thanks! I'll bring you a bottle of "the recipe" the next time I'm in STL! You'll love it!

Hope to see you soon!