Kimberly's New Office

I am so proud that my daughter has started her new law career. I love this wall of diplomas and certificates. It really shows just how hard she worked during law school! The office walls are painted a soft peanut color for warmth, however, with her two windows it turned out lighter than she expected. I gave her our ficus tree that outgrew my office but is perfect for the corner in her office. I didn't take a photo of that could a mom miss that!

Her office faces north so she won't have the hot Oklahoma sun beating into her office during the summer months.

This is the second day of the move. The movers took care of all the furniture and on the second day I helped her with the small "Mom, can you hand me that box?" "Can you find the power strip?", etc... These photos were taken also before she hung all her artwork on the walls which was during the weekend. I did have an opportunity to walk to the courthouse one day with her....she is very convenient to the is only a couple of blocks!

This is a photo I took of her building from her parking garage. It is one of Tulsa's old buildings downtown.

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Regina said...

What a proud accomplishment for your family. Congratulations to all of you and especially your daughter.