A New Life

After many months of planning, designing, and building, we are finally officially in business.

We are located in the historical Flour Exchange Building which is skyway connected and in the heart of the government corridor.

We absolutely love the beautiful space we have created for attorneys.

Our kitchen is perfect and the best thing is the automatic dishwasher! Since I have taken this photo, our Bunn coffee maker arrived and it now sits on the counter next to the refrigerator.

The kitchen has a huge window and is large enough to be our mail center along with fax and copier.

This is the lounge area of our office where the overflow of clients can sit and/or attorneys can visit.

We have hung several art pieces since this photo was taken.

We receive so many compliments from our clients on the floor. It is Asian Walnut and is absolutely stunning.

I am definitely having this flooring in my new home!

This is our largest conference room that has video conferencing capabilities. It seats twelve. The table was custom made by TulsaWoodSmith and personally delivered and set up by the owner on a snowy weekend. He and his wife traveled from Tulsa Oklahoma to Minneapolis for set up and we spent an awesome weekend together!

He also built the receptionist desk that is seen in the first photo. We HIGHLY recommend his shop if you are wanting anything built with beautiful woods! His work is beyond amazing!

Morelaw Minneapolis has a website that you are invited to visit. Enjoy!


Connie said...

So, is this just for Kimberly or are you involved in the business too? I'm confused.

Sara said...

Kimberly and I are co-owners. We did all of it together....two women in business.

Connie said...

Love it! Best of luck! And for a special fee, you could do important decisions in copperplate!

letterlady said...

Fabulous! And I LOVE that floor too!

Jane Farr said...

The space is beautiful Sara! My best wishes to you and your daughter for a successful venture. (The floors *are* gorgeous!!)

Sharon said...

Congratulations! What a major accomplishment! and, what a team! Don't tell Sara and Kimberly that they can't do anything, because they will prove you wrong!!! LOL I am so proud of the two of you and so happy for you! (I'm assuming that K is breathing much better up there?)
much love, sharon