Snow & Ice

This was my first time going to the Winter Carnival. It was their 125 year celebration.....which included 125 different events one could enjoy!

We went to the St. Paul fairgrounds where the exhibitors were working until midnight for the final judging competition being held the next day at noon.

My farm roots must be showing because my favorite exhibit was the milking cow!

The sun is so bright it is very hard to see all the details. There is a cat patiently waiting for a drop of milk....and I love the two milk cans that are more realistic that the real thing.

There were so many exhibits.....each one so very unique and fabulous!

At the ice sculpture show I was delighted to see that they actually had an "ice" bar in which all the beverages were sold!

This was an amazing wall of ice that displayed the sponsors for the show.

We spent the entire day outside and the weather was absolutely perfect!

I officially have winter wear and so enjoyed the day!

Both events were in St. Paul and took us about 15 minutes to get to our destination. I am already looking forward to the events for next year!

This event was in 2010...I am just now getting some time to post!


Regina said...

Looks wonderful. I understand the attraction to the milk cow. We always have to check out the sculpted butter cow at the Iowa State Fair.
Now that you are in the Twin Cities, maybe we can rendezvous sometime when I make it up there.

Connie said...

These are absolutely incredible! Especially that ice wall! Such detail. It looks just like crystal. Glad you have official winter wear. As my mom used to say, there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes:)