Palace of Versailles

We've boarded the Metro going for the day at Versailles.
Can I be the only one who wonders why the rusted steel sculpture is front and center as visitors arrive at Versailles? It is so very ugly and in stark contrast with the surroundings. I guess every city has it's odd sculpture that costs a fortune and only the creator and the one decision maker to buy can love it! (There couldn't be more than one person who wanted that thing...right?)
There is no wonder why there was a revolution. Another stark contrast between royalty and the starving poor.
Almost reminds of home.....not!
There are so many much much to see!
There are so many details to observe for all the buildings, it's almost beyond comprehension.  There were signs requesting that photos not be taken while we were inside exploring the museum.  Most everyone ignored this request. (There are those that do not understand that the flash from cameras can actually alter the colors of textiles over time.  I would love this exhibit to be available for future generations.)  The garments and furnishings were incredible.
Thank You Lana for being a golf cart driver!  And carts are a must as the palace grounds are huge! Again, Catherine and Dale rock on this detail!
Kimberly and Teresa getting cameras ready.
Z's awesome and so is her artist necklace!
Can you believe the beauty of this?
Love this window.....
The flower gardens of extensive.
Kimberly enjoying the gardens and sunshine!
In the backyard....
Just lovely
Oh, the artisans of the day...
We're off to visit the Chateau now....

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