Birthday Gift

This was one of my birthday gifts. My sister and I made a pact a few years ago that we would send HANDMADE items to each other for our birthdays. It makes the gifts so special. I treasure all of them!

Annie, made this for me. I don't know the design/pattern name - I'll call it the 8 Star design... quilters always name their work. Funny, I do, too! I have already placed it on my dining room table. The colors are wonderful - I LOVE IT!

Thanks Annie!


June said...

The quilt from your sister is beautiful. What a wonderful idea to exchange handmade gifts. I teach a quilt label class. If she does not have a label on the back I would be happy to make one for you to add if she will supply the information...when it was made, occasion, etc. You and the future generation will appreciate having the information. I've enjoyed seeing the books we made at the workshop. Your blog is a fun place to spend time.

Sara said...

June - Thanks! Annie did make a label for both items. You are right about making sure labels are's the signing of their artwork!