Retreat Goodie Bags

What terrific fun I've had this weekend playing around with alcohol inks!! The hardest part was choosing the best necklace for each participant in our workshop. I used a rubber stamp specifically sized for the dominoe and applied a glaze on top. Of course, they needed to be drilled for the black silk cording.


Teresa J. Wilber said...

....and I really love my necklace you made for us! I especially loved that you selected the one for me, knowing my "new" love of stones and sculptures. I really enjoyed the weekend, having you close by our table, and especially appreciated your encouraging words and your sense of humor. We sure kicked back this weekend, didn't we!? The laughter and smiles we shared made the weekend really fun!

Sara said...


Thank you for your words of acknowledgement! I love your artist book....and what an inspiration YOU are for me! You're the best!

xoxoxo x's lots,