Books, Bunnies, and Tea

I am crazy about books, especially my art books! There are gobs of books in my studio and I have purchased so many book/magazine holders for them. Already the shelves are brimming with art books and now my desk. Never would I contemplate discarding my Somerset Studio issues, RubberStampMadness, Cloth, Paper, Scissors and all the "how-to's".
I love sitting in my very comfortable studio chair, read about new techniques (or at least new to me) and enjoy a cup of tea. This is my routine in the evening when I am too tired from a day at work.....especially on Monday nights.
The little bunny hides the post-it-notes for marking pages to study later or trying a new technique. I have lots of magazines that have the little post-it-note tags sticking out everywhere.
Am I the only one who has an obsession with art books and magazines? And just what do you do with them so they are available when you want to research but not in your space for creating?

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