1948 Singer Featherweight

I bought this Singer machine yesterday. I was on my way to Oklahoma City for a short shopping trip when my husband Bill called to tell me that he found this machine at an Estate Sale. I had been looking for one for a few years.

This is the cabinet that holds such a tiny little treasure called the Featherweight. The name fits as I can hardly believe that such a small beautiful machine does such unbelieveable stitching. This machine can make 30 stitches to the inch if selected!

This is the inside drawer. I was so lucky to have the instruction booklet and so many attachments. Included was also the two keys for the cabinet!

Isn't she awesome! This Singer just hums - it's music to my ears! Oh I am going to have so much fun sewing, but before I get started....I am taking it to an authorized dealer for service.


June said...

Sara you will love your new baby Singer. Some quilting friends have them. Quilters often use them at workshops. They so cute..and sew so beautifully. Enjoy! You're ready to sew on paper or fabric now. I've been making greeting cards on my machine with paper and fabric together. Lots of fun.

Your paper dolls are beautiful!

Sara said...

June: I am so excited about combining more of the fabric and paper...especially collage work! I already have a list of projects a mile long.

And in the donation pile being picked up today.....is my garage sale sewing machine that I bought for $20.00 that I used for the last 15 years. My nice machine, Pfaff went to Kimberly for a good reason!

And thanks for the compliment on the paper dolls. I so enjoy making them!

Deb said...

Oh you will LOVE this! I have the exact same machine that belonged to my grandmother... I have had several machines over the years but none have been as reliable as my little Singer. Granted it does do all of the fancy stitiches the newer ones do, but for me it is the absolute best ~ have a blast!!

Sara said...

Deb - Oh I am thrilled that we have the same year of machine!

I purchased the Singer from a woman who told me it was her mother's and she learned to sew on it. She's an avid quilter but only wants to use her new computerized Pfaff. Lucky for me that she feels that way!

Teresa J. Wilber said...

Sara, I have the same machine. My granddaddy sold sewing machines when I was growing up, and gave this one to my mom. It was one I learned to sew on also. When Bill and I got married, it travelled across the country with us, and I had the perfect setup for making pj's for my sisters for Christmas presents, etc. I've been offered up to $400 for it, but I would never part with it, because of the sentimentality. Enjoy your tiny treasure that will do big jobs for you!!!