Door to Adventure

This is a page from my very large journal where I found different photos of doors. I am very enchanted by doors! When I am the passenger in the car, I can not help but look at each of the doors on the houses in a neighborhood.

To me, the door is the portal for adventure. You don't know what is on the other side, but you want to open it to find out. And what's waiting for you most of the time is a "good thing".

I've opened the door for my own opportunities in jobs, friends, art....even this blog!

I purchased a stain glass door at an auction that originally came from England. My husband took out the mail slot and we added an antique escutcheon with wonderful detailed scroll work and an antique brass door knob to match. It is now the entry door between the sun room and garage. Each time I open the door going into the garage, I just know someday I am going to be so surprised to find the garage clean. What I do find is my awesome car to take me to the next adventure!

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CathWren said...

Hi Sara! Thanks for dropping by my blog, it reminded me that I needed to visit some friends as well. This over-size journal of doors is really wonderful. When we visited Charleston, NC a few years ago I took lots of photos of doors and gates. There are some fabulous doors in this historical town, so if you ever have an opportunity for a visit, do! No, it's not Paris, but it is quite lovely and one of the oldest cities in the U.S.