Dad's Ties

My sister Annie made this quilt for mom as a birthday present in 2004. She had used Dad's ties to make the quilt.

After Mom passed away, Annie gave me this quilt! Mom used it as a "dresser" cover and I wanted to hang it. I very nervous about adding a pocket so I could hang I whined until Annie added it for me.

I finally hung it on the wall in the hall this past weekend. I think of Dad every time I walk past this quilt.

The physician sign is one we gave to my father-in-law when we were first married. After he passed away, it returned to us to enjoy. Now we have both fathers to think about when we are on the phone or just walking past.

The picture that was on the wall was donated a couple of weeks ago. I did not know what to replace it with. I just knew I was tired of the picture. Then when I was in the closet looking for something else is when I came across the quilt Annie had made.

It's perfect! Thank you Annie!

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Sandra Evertson said...

And OMG, this is Amazing!
Sandra Evertson