Gone to Ireland

Our daughter has graduated from the University of Tulsa School of Law with honors. The weekend after graduation she immediately began an intensive study for the bar exam. She said she was only going to take it once. The passing score won't be confirmed until mid-September. However, she's confident that she passed and has turned in her books. YEAH!

So our trip to Ireland is our gift to her. She studied a semester in Dublin and loved it. My husband's family is from Ireland and we plan on visiting many cousins while there. We don't have any set agenda.....just to have fun.

We all are traveling light because we've rented a car to sight-see on our own, staying at bed and breakfast establishments. The exception is that we stay our first night in a castle in Shannon and the last remaining three days in a castle in Dublin.

I have made a sketchbook with Arches Text Wove and taking a travel watercolor set and one pen. Mari Le Glatin Keis convinced me this was the best way to capture moments after I read her awesome book, The Art of Travel with a Sketchbook.

So I'll see you in a few weeks! (The typewriter idea came from Catherine's Blog)


Sandra Evertson said...

Love your wonderful boxes below!
Sandra Evertson

Anonymous said...

Me too! Your boxes are terrific.