Views of the Aran Islands

Here are some photos from the Aran Islands. One of the possible ways of touring the island....we passed on this suggestion.

Can you believe all of these rocks that are stacked in a very mindful way?

We hiked to the highest point on this island. The views are worth the trek to the top!

I had a hard time wrapping my mind around seeing so much rock! And the building of the short walls was just to place the rock...somewhere!

New construction was next to homes that were centuries old. I saw many thatched roof homes.

I loved the exploring of the cemeteries. Even though the tombstones were centuries old, you could actually still read parts of the names and dates. Truly amazing!

Doesn't my sweetie look so adorable. I really have a awareness of how Irish he really is....he looked like he was related to just about everyone in Ireland!

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