Women's Retreat

This was my first retreat experience and I definitely was NOT camping out....until I saw the "camp grounds". And the tent was super nice....so I said "yes" to a new experience! The night life was amazing with the calls, hoots, and chirps!!! The Oklahoma weather was just PERFECT! ! !

The retreat began Saturday at 1:00pm and ended Sunday afternoon. The time sounds like a short one....but I was so renewed.....an unbelievable experience that was shared with a super awesome group of women! ! !

The sunset was glorious....this was such a peaceful surrounding. I had forgotten just how being in the country away from the city buzz...you can actually hear yourself think!

The torches made the evening so magical. After the last person went to bed, our hostess blew out the torches but the night sky was so brilliant with the stars that you could clearly see so making a trip to the house was easy. (Of course, it was only about six feet away.) This is my new idea of camping!

The fire pit was such a terrific experience, too. We held our discussions in a circle around this fire pit which made for a cozy and warm gathering. Later we made smores! Oh, my!

Everyone appreciated the foot soaks and massages. The quiet time to read, take a walk, and/or meditate. And in between, we participated in projects together and shared delicious meals!

We had a special treat on Sunday morning with a Yoga instructor. Can you imagine how lovely it was doing the Yoga outside on the deck in our pj's?!

Can you believe that I had a Henna? It lasts about fourteen days. My daughter free-handed this design on my chest. It's still wet...so don't touch yet! And NO....there was no alcohol served!

Stay Tuned! There will be more about Ireland to come!

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