Field Journal 3x3 Book

The 3x3 books are so much fun to create. I decided to make one with a bird theme. The clear tags I used are Tim Holtz. There are so many sizes and shapes to choose from! I adhered neat bird prints and used sheet music as the backing. The tassel I made is messy like the bird nests themselves.

This sweet little bird is German scrap and carries the message of "fly". I used an antique button as an embellishment with a the letter "B" glued on top.
The cardboard letter I chose was "H", not only for "home" but also for my last name. I used rubberstamps from Character Constructions to spell out the word home.
The silhouette rubberstamp was used on an old shorthand text paper. I enjoy using vintage papers in this manner.
The completed page was not what I envisioned but I learned a lot in the process. I stamped on a transparency, then used Twinkling H2O's for coloring. I sprayed a fix adhesive and applied to the Josh paper. Then I felt the bird needed "grounding" so I restamped and glued the leg portions on top of the transparency. This was just the beginning of what I needed to do to balance this page. Whew....I was happy when I was able to move on......I spent so much time on it that I could not give myself permission to scrap it and start over!

The small feather rubberstamp is from Character Constructions and the bird is a reprint.
Joys are our wings! Isn't that the truth! The bird came from ArtChix Studio and I used a punch for the crown. The black rhinestones are from Bead Ranch in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The Colorado Springs bus token is my special embellishment.
I love these new designs from Character Constructions - "The Bird & Bee Paperie". This is grandmother bird. The background paper had a perfect oval to use and it was off-center...and that became a design element. The little bird house was swiped with gesso to give it more dimension.
More new stamps from Character Constructions. I stamped the bird separately, cut it out and did the same with the bird bath. The quote is also Character Construction but I stamped it to fit the page area.
The butterfly ribbon was purchased from Stamp Asylum. They have so many very cool trims!
I bought green and chocolate dingle ball trim from a scrap booking store in Dallas.....trims were on sale at a 50% discount. Who could resist!
The cute little bird is from a collage sheet sold at ArtChix Studio. I love the gold crown and added a bit of blue trim....Ah, create joy!
I also used stickers. I trimmed with the brown stripe ribbon to complete this page.
The quote is from Catherine Moore's Character Construction line and the bird is from an ArtChix Studio collage sheet.
Diamond Glaze was used to give dimension to the eggs in the nest. Diamond Glaze is a very cool product!
I have to tell you that I have a great collection of feathers of all colors. My daughter buys "feather toys" for her cat and when the toy is destroyed from active playing.....I get the feathers!
Don't you love these stickers from Cavallini?!

Again I used a clear tile from the Tim Holtz collection on top of the "Inches".

This was another one of those pages that was a bit of a struggle. When the vellum didn't work out, I placed a sticker on top. When I used a product at the top corner that also didn't work out...I added the tiny beads to cover. I could have thrown it out but when I thought it is already past saving, it freed to me try something else. In the end it was okay.

I especially like using the egg rubberstamp. The bird silhouette is adorable.

The bird cage was stamped onto tissue paper and an olive green felt ribbon was added for the embellishment. I wanted to find a bird print that I could reduce for the cage...but I didn't really have anything suitable.

This print/text was sent to me by my art friend in England. I saved the originals and made copies for my artwork. I have several and they are the perfect size.
Ah, the final page...the back cover where I used a rub-on. I hope you enjoyed this....I already have two more themes that I can hardly wait to make!


Birds of a Feather said...

this is fabulous! you know, i kind of like bird themes ;)

xo heidi

Terri said...

Fantastic! This is so wondefully done!