The Sweetest Sister

I have the sweetest sister, Annie. Once again, she gave me terrific birthday gifts. I know she gave a lot of thought and put her heart into what she made for me!

The miniature wall quilt is adorable. I asked her how she could work so small and she told me it gets easier after a few drinks! The colors are perfect for my home.....and she made a hanging pocket so it is ready to go! I LOVE IT!

Then the fabric bowl is awesome! She explained how she made the bowl but it does not seem possible. She wrapped a clothes line and sewed it together using a zig-zag stitch. Of course, she sews on a new Bernina.....that has to be the answer! Where does she get these great ideas?

Don't you love the colors!!

I absolutely am delighted with the handles! Way too cute ! ! !

And if she thought that was not enough.....she made this little wallet that is perfect for times that you need your I.D., credit card and a little cash instead of carrying the big purse. She must have had me in mind for all my flea market and antique shopping that I love to do! This is the front of the wallet.

Inside view....isn't the zipper fabric fabulous!

The back view.

Inside the wallet was a hand-painted pin! (painted by another artist) Wow....all the gifts sure makes it worth turning fifty-seven!

Thank you sweet Annie! You're the best!

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Teresa J. Wilber said...

Do you think your family would adopt me??? That's just a wonderful birthday for you....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way! Hugs galore! TJW