Sister's Gift to Me

My sister is so talented with her quilting. She has a natural gift of color design. And then her skills of quilting are absolutely amazing...her attention to the little details make her work stand above others. If you had a chance to see her work up close and personal you would not be surprised to know of the awards she wins!

I will look very stylish wearing my apron!

My sister knows how much I enjoy drinking tea and made me a cozy filled with tea samples. She included a piece that you place over the spout for dripping.....this probably has a specific name....just don't know what that is! And then buttons from Lansing as that is a memento of our retreat trip together. She also gave me a found object of a St. Patrick of Ireland medal (my husband is Irish)....and a pin cushion!

The table runner is perfect size for about three pieces of furniture that I have. Thank you're the best!

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Jane Farr said...

A talented *and* thoughtful sister you have. Beautiful!