Art To Go

I am getting ready to teach another class at my FAVORITE art destination, Croppinsville in Collinsville, Oklahoma. The train cases are naked right now but in a couple of weeks each artist will transform their chosen case into an amazing collage. They have decided on their theme...from Western, Asian, French, etc.

Stay tuned for some creative art!


Sharon said...

I am so excited about this class! I can't wait to start on my train case......and I plan to use it, too!!! Curious about all the clip art and ephemera that you will have for us, Sara! (It will be my "Happy Birthday" weekend! What a great way to spend it!).

Teresa J. Wilber said...

Sara, this looks soooooooo fun!!! I wish I was getting a train case! Have fun!

Princess of glitter said...

This class was my birthday gift! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!