Versatile Blogger Award

Connie at Monkey Mind awarded me the Versatile Blogger award:

To accept this award I have to:
* reveal 7 truths about myself
* select 7 blogs that I would like to share the award with

Here seven of my truths (I have lots).

1. I contradict myself most of the time and I have listed six examples below.

2. I thought I was only a “dog” person and previously only had dogs. I said "I hate cats". After being a cat mom for seven years with two adorable cats…I have to say is that I love my cats which makes me a cat person too.

3. Traveling abroad is exciting to me but I can not travel alone except anywhere USA.....I drive a lot of places that are over ten hours away alone. So next year when I have a trip scheduled to Paris, my daughter will be traveling with me.

4. I am a farm girl and really love the farm countryside and look forward to having a country home. However, I am going to be living downtown Minneapolis soon which is like a mini-New York City. And I love my new surroundings!

5. I grew up learning all the cooking skills from baking, pastries, and meals and I cook a bunch. But I enjoy eating at restaurants the most.

6. After experiencing three floods which completely wiped out everything we owned….I have a hard time holding onto things I don’t use or need. I donate to three organizations every month.

7. I come from a huge family (over 68 cousins) and have lots of friends. However, my favorite time spent is being "Home Alone".

Here are the seven blogs I would like to see participate:

1. A Place to Flourish

2. Blooming Ideas

3. Lucky Dog

4. InkyBruStudio

5. RGR Designs

6. Vintage Moon Studio

7. Sew Whats New


vintage moon studio said...

How kind! Thank you so much... will have to give my "truths" a bit of thought and will post soon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :) xo Deb

Terri said...

Thanks Sara...I have to give it some thought before I make a post..thanks for thinking of me. I really like we have stayed in contact. Have a super relaxing weekend.

Sharon said...

Thanks, Sara......I'm busy teaching a class this weekend and have been at the shop for two days working on future projects, so it may be next week before I can get to this. I appreciate you mentioning my blog! I know you are excited about moving, but I am so sad! love ya! sharon

Connie said...

Sara, how wonderful to learn these things about you. All interesting, all very real. Thanks for playing along. I absolutely love Minneapolis. So much activity, so many arts. Lucky you!

Regina said...

Thanks for the honor Sara. I will address this later on my blog. Getting ready for a couple events has cut into my blog time.

Regina said...

I posted my response....