Aux Crus de Bourgogne Restaurant - Paris

This restaurant is ranked #77 out of 7413 restaurants in Paris! How in the world does Catherine and Dale find these delightful places?!
This restaurant was packed full of patrons and yet we had our own wonderful "quiet" room..... all to ourselves!
I was so taken away by the simple beauty of the window and balcony that I wasn't aware of the artwork that completed our dining space. There were others that muttered "oh my" but I just thought they were kindred spirits with me enjoying the view. Oh, there was a view but it was the artwork that hung above our table and let's just was very French. No, I didn't take a photo because what's the point if you never want to share it! Perhaps I shouldn't have said anything here except after the trip to the ladies' room and returning to the room that I saw the picture and I too gasped "Oh, MY"!
I am a sucker for vintage hardware and lace....I love this photo!
This is the view outside our balcony window.
Our dining room also came with a velvet curtain that could be pulled for privacy... perhaps for lovers dining in the evening!
Lana is an adventuresome foodie and she has so much pleasure in experiencing in ordering specialty dishes.  On my next Paris trip, I may do the same!

This is the dessert that Kimberly and I shared! Yummy!  If you are in Paris and want reservations, here is the link: Aux Crus de Bourgogne

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