Paris Bistro

You can't experience Paris without experiencing their numerous outdoor cafes. And apparently Parisians smoke a lot because on every table at every outdoor cafe were ashtrays.  We were fortunate that we didn't have to endure someone else's guilty pleasure of cigarette/cigar smoke!
Part of our fun group..... Lana and Steve always ordered fries for sharing. I still think the world's best potatoes are in Ireland but Paris had American fries beat for yummy goodness.
This is the view of what we saw sitting at the tables.

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letterlady said...

Wish I'd tried the fries in France. Never thought of it. The Coca Cola I had in Toulouse may have been the best ever - well, at least since my childhood. It truly was the pause that refreshed (even though that's Pepsi's tagline.) Enjoying your Parisian posts! C'est bon!