Golden Bengal with the Moore's

We spotted this Indian restaurant from the Metro on our walk to Versailles early in the day.  Good thing too because at the end of our tour, we were all tired and VERY hungry! And then we remembered the restaurant and it's convenient location on our return trip to the Metro. Kimberly and I were excited that Catherine and Dale were open to new cuisine experiences. It was such a lovely dinner with the Moore's and the perfect ending to a glorious day after exploring Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon.

Kimberly and I will never forget how funny our Metro experience was with Catherine and Dale too!  We literally pooled all our Euros after digging through our handbags and pockets to obtain return tickets...... and we had EXACTLY the correct amount!  It truly was such a delicious time spent with the Moore's!


letterlady said...

Just how much wine were you expecting to drink, lol? I love the diagonal rows of wine glasses!

Sara said...

It does look like we're only dining on wine, however, each place setting had a water/wine glass each...that's all. But it was funny what the first impression was!