Chinese Wisdom

This was made just for Kimberly. Using Chinese fortunes are fun in artwork. I usually have them in my ATC's, however, this particular fortune told me it wanted to be in a collage piece for Kimberly. The second thing I searched for in my image stash from magazines was the right woman displaying the attitude I wanted for my fortune.
The support used is a canvas mat board with collaged scrap papers. I applied molding paste using a stencil for texture and sanded the paste lightly after it was dried. I then made a wash using Golden's translucent ochre paint to blend the papers for one cohesive color.  White paint was added on top using my finger and then I applied the image.  (I mounted the image onto black cardstock and trimmed making an outline of the image.  I like doing this when the background is not smooth.  It keeps your image crisp.)

Kimberly loves her collage gift......Message received!

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