Thank you art sisters!

A special thank you goes to my art sisters from my round robin group. Our art project for 2012 was making a charm for our individual necklaces that began in January. I made my necklace using antique mother-of-pearl buttons. It was easy connecting the buttons using silver jump rings. I thought it would be difficult to remember who made what and at first I didn't want to remove the tiny tags with the names of the artist in fear of forgetting the individual artist. I found that it just isn't the case. I know EXACTLY who made each charm. I think it is because each charm holds the essence of the artist and I have gotten to know everyone so well. Some I have not met in person but over the years of trades you get to know their "style". I know it sounds weird and I know now I won't forget.


Sharon Bruner said...

Your necklace looks great! This was such a fun round robin and I learned so much with each charm I made. Have you got that around one of your dress forms? It is such a beautiful necklace....lve the pearl buttons and the silver jump rings. Very unique!

letterlady said...

What a fun necklace! Fun to look at, and I'm sure fun to wear.