Best Hostess Award Goes to Annie!

My adorable sister, Annie hosted another "Junk Trunk" class with her friends.  I had a great time with the ladies - super creative bunch!  Here are some photos of their amazing projects!


Sharon said...

Sara, Were these really trunks or were some of them the old makeup cases like the ones we did in your class in Collinsville? These look amazing! I loved your class. I'd really like to do that again! Always nice for you to get to spend some time with Annie. Love ya! Sharon

Sara said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Annie and I call the class "What's in Your Junk Trunk" and they are the small train cases from the 40's and 50's. I am teaching another class July 11th and this will be my third class in Iowa. The photos are from the last class. I don't know if I told you or not, but I was scheduled to teach in Dallas about a month before my move to Mpls. I had purchased around 100 cases for the class and then the store owner emailed me to cancel my class! Then I was stuck with 100 cases and having to move them with everything else. I cannot tell you how upset I was!!! I am very grateful that Annie has been the keeper of all these trunks. We decided to give smaller classes until they are all gone.