Old Made New

This was a journal that I had made for a seminar series that I had made for note taking. I thought it was the perfect base for a smash journal. I love using those bits of scraps that all paper artist collect. When I am finished stuffing my book, I'll share some photos of what will certainly be my favorite pages.


Sharon said...

I love this cover! It says so much about your artistic talent. So many things to see on the outside, it just makes me want to look inside! Beautiful as always!


Sharon said...

Was this another class you taught in Collinsville. I have my journal we did then and I've debated on what to do with it. I may do a "smash style" journal with it using some photos of my favorite things and favorite people. ") Sharon

Sara said...

The tiles are the technique that I did teach - from Tim Holtz's workshop. The journal that became a "smash journal" is one of several that I have made for note taking. I am now discarding the notes by using up bits and pieces from other projects. I have now completed five smash books - working on my 6th. I only have one more left after that - then I'll give myself permission to stop!

Thank you for the compliments - you always make me feel special.