Art Project Updated

There are a few projects that I made when I was first new to rubber stamping (2000) that I still have around! This little box is one of them. I made it with my two sister-in-laws and that makes it worthy of saving. It originally held a small book made from one sheet of paper with pockets that held messages. When I removed the book, I realized it was the same size as ATC's and that became perfect for my collection of cards I have made called "Mrs. Brady". I added the red ribbon at the bottom of the cards to make it easier to remove the ATC's from the box.

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Sharon said...

What a neat idea! Don't you just love taking something you've created and making it into a new creation! This was a great idea. I love the addition of the ribbon to make it easier to pull out your ATCs. (I love this "Mrs. Brady" stamp!)