Judi's altered book with the story of Violet was super interesting and fun to do.  It was my thought to do a "Dada" poetry idea.  Instead of rearranging words, I took four pages and took sentences from those pages to reinvent the ending since I was the last artist to work in her book. 
I took the beginning page of Judi's as my start of the story line.
I was thrilled to find in my stash of vintage ephemera, TheCunard Steam-Ship Company brochures which was a perfect background Violet's story.
This photo was inside the brochure and I thought the conversation I wanted to add fit so well.
The rubber stamp image is from B-Line Designs named "Chris".  I enjoy having this stamp in my collection as he is named for my brother, Chris - pretty darn cool.  I thought the image worked well with the gentleman visiting with Violet and not yet described in the story. I stamped the image onto a copy of the ship's crew list.
I made the assumption that this conversation was a continuance from the same gentleman she has met above and is a welcomed distraction for her.
This is another great stamp from B-Line Designed named "Michelle" which is named after my sister-in-law who is married to my brother Chris.  They are good friends of Beverly who owns and designs her stamps.  She names her stamp images after her close friends.
I saw this idea in a visual journal book and thought it was a great idea for creating a skyline.  I did have an Empire State building stamp and took liberties in using a Big Ben image along with others from the UK to now be a part of the NYC skyline.  It's all made up anyway.
I used a vintage customs declaration as the background for this text entry and giving explanation for Violet's extended stay in NYC.
I stamped the telephone image onto mulberry paper and added diamond glaze for the dial numbers.  I was thrilled to locate a conversation where Violet has decided to contact Edwin's office.  Of course, the response has to be highlighted by the red metal file pull.
This page was highlighted by the rubber stamp image of what could be Violet's expression after receiving a response from Edwin.  And of course, she has thoughts about her past.
This page is intended to give the viewer a feeling of reflection.....
a yin and yang for destruction and goodness.
I was thrilled to find the text above and rearrange them in a manner that left the reader with the option of believing Edwin appeared in person and all is well or if in a dream.... perhaps to be continued.  The final text entry is the name of the book "Dancing Backwards".

I made an insane number of page entries but since I was the last artist working in Judi's book, I gave myself permission as I knew I was not taking away pages from the others.  When I gathered all the text that I wanted to use and sorted them in the order that I wanted the story to be told, it took a number of pages. After the text was selected, it was easy enough to decide on the background images.

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Sharon said...

I so enjoyed reading that story. Judi took her book to our club lunch and I had the opportunity to read it. Well done! I thought her idea with the book was great and it was easy for me to start the pages, as I was first to receive it. I think you had a good plan, Sara, picking out your sentences and rearranging them to make the story and then leaving the ending to be imagined by Judi or any other reader. Great images! I must visit B-Line Design soon! Thanks for sharing. Big hugs, sharon