Published in RubberStampMadness!!!

I just received my May/June 2008 issue of RSM featuring my book. WOW!! It's always a thrill to being published and seeing your artwork in print! This book was a joy to make and I appreciate the great writing by Joyce Baldwin that really captured my feelings about the project. RSM is a terrific publication and their staff is awesome. RSM has done two feature articles previously on my work and this is my fourth time being published by them. I've added the photos of my book to the slide show at the right side.

I never tire of rubber stamping and I so appreciate this publication that is dedicated to this art medium. The biggest craze seems to be scrapbooking - but wouldn't that hobby be even more fun with rubber stamp images being added to the pages telling your story? I am also a calligrapher - and I add rubber stamp images to my projects there too!

So if you are a rubber stamper and have not sent in your art work to RSM - I can only encourage you to do so. They are a kind and generous staff who really appreciates their readers!


Michelle said...

congratulations! this is absolutely beautiful! I love birds and nest!

Thanks for visiting my blog! While you did not win the first of my many Rak’s, I still want to send you something! No pressure. Just need your snail mail addy and birthdate!

Michelle Cummings

Deb said...

Oh I *love* this book! The colors are beautiful, and my favorite shape (house) and theme (birds)... big sigh :) Deb

A bird in the hand said...

Congratulations, Sara!

I will be going out soon, so I'll be sure and check out RSM.


LaurieStar said...

Wow - I love your book! It is so beautiful. I do calligraphy too - not too much these days, but it's a great skill to have.

Congrats to you getting published! :)