Minnie, The Mermaid

The altered Altoids tin is an exchange with another artist. This is the beginning of the process.

I love the Dabber paints! I first sanded the tin and then applied the paints. Awesome....don't have to clean up paint brushes!

And this paint is formulated to stay on metal.

It's best to make a pattern first so your decorative papers will fit perfectly!

I used my "shaving cream" painted paper. I decided to use the double stick tape to adhere all my papers to the tin.

I measured so that the strip going around the sides was a pinch larger so that there would be an overlap for the bottom.

Perfect fit!

I really like how the papers look inside the tin. It really smells great too with the shaving cream residue!

Now the really really fun part...embellishing!

What to choose!

I made my mermaid using watercolor paper and an image of the right proportions. The just right image was very hard to find in my stash. If I had PhotoShop or Illustrator...it would be so easy. Maybe one day.....

I wanted the pearls to be the element to hold the mermaid in place when the tin was closed.

So this is the completed inside.

Oh, do I use the star fish or not?!

I found a sliced shell that I think is even better!

My mermaid tale is written on a tag and attached with a safety pin. I have in my stash the best textured material to wrap my tin.

In the mail it goes to Blue Lotus Flower. Enjoy!


Jane Farr said...

LOVE this Sara! Thanks for showing your step-by-step.

FredaB said...

What a beautiful way to use the small tin. You wouldn't believe you could get so much detail in there but you have done it. Is the mermaid just loose in the box. I assume all the other elements were glued down?