Our Paris Apartment

We arrived in Paris very early in the morning. What a beautiful sunny day and warm temperatures!
Good thing I didn't weight any more than I do! This spiral staircase was very cool and was made for the very skinny! Our apartment building had spiral staircases throughout and most of them were wide with shallow steps. Paris loves their spiral staircases as they are in a lot of buildings....space saver I guess. Kimberly and I had our own apartment suite where the kitchen was on one level and our bedroom and bathroom were on the lower level. It was perfect for us.
Our apartment also had a sauna/steamroom. However, I don't think anyone in our group took the time to use as we had so much to do and see! We had use of a washer/dryer which definitely came in handy and which is why I packed only one small suitcase. And internet connection was a blessing.

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