Thanks Catherine & Dale!!!

Catherine and Dale Moore spent months coordinating every little detail of the Paris adventure. I have no idea how they managed to corral ten of us for our daily trips as we had to be like herding kittens. And the long hours they spent each day being the host and hostess. Early each morning, breakfast was prepared for us in their apartment along with itinerary, maps, tokens, and information about the area/place we were going to visit. If there were tickets to be purchased, Catherine and Dale had those, too! Reservations were made. Questions were answered....they both had such a great personality. I was so exhausted before I left for Paris from the last and largest part of our move from Oklahoma to Minneapolis. I spent one night at our new address before I left for Paris! Crazy but that's how the timing was. I hope they both know that Kimberly and I so appreciate all that they did for us to make Paris truly a wonderful experience. You're both a TEN! Check out Catherine's website and blog.

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CathWren said...

Hi Sara and Kimberly! Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for your generous spirits. You two were such wonderful travel companions. When I think of Versailles, I will always remember that spectacular day we had there and that delicious meal we shared later in town. Much love to you both. Catherine & Dale