Charm for Jan B.

When I received Jan B's necklace, there were so many ideas swirling around in my head for a charm that I could make. I found wooden letter tiles that I had purchased a long ago that were made to be as place-cards for dinner parties. The letters have been used in a variety of art projects, including this one! I don't think I have enough letters now to spell anyone's name but what's remaining in my collection is perfect when you only need one letter!
First, I colored the white tile with a soft ochre color and then stamped a flourish design in black archival ink. Burnt brown was applied as a border. A dimensional bubble tile on top of the "J" was added after everything was heat set.
The other artists added charms that were a bird theme, so I played along. After I adhered the image, I applied a gel medium on top for sealing. When this was dry, I added Rock Candy crackle paint by Ranger. A small smidgen ochre was applied on top.

After drilling the hole, my favorite part about the charm is the embossing powder that I used on the edge. I tried thinking about copper tape, maybe coloring the edges with gold leaf pen but that just seem didn't exciting to me....then the idea came to use embossing powder that I have owned for eons. And that was a good thing! I love the result!


letterlady said...

Very fine. I love it!

Terri said...

These are lovely, Sara!!!!The embossing powder looks great!

...thanks so much for stopping by today. I'm thrilled you like the bracelet so much!