Halloween ATC Book

I was inspired by an artist book I saw on Pininterst recently. What caught my eye was some frayed fabric peaking out between a page. I wanted to create that same look, only I had to take it over the top. In my material stash, I found the perfect fabric. After rust and tea dye staining, it was ready to be included as part of each page. Also in my material stash was a sample piece of leather - and I had just enough. The last piece of fabric that I used for the spine was canvas that I had dyed a few years ago. The colors were a perfect match for the Halloween theme. I was excited about making this book because it would be a great way to showcase all the Halloween ATC's I have made recently as well as those made in the past few years. Making the closure for the book at first was a challenge and then it all fell into place. In case you wonder, the cross is to ward off vampires! When I was taking the photos, I only took photos of two pages and not of the whole book. There are a few Halloween ATC's to be traded and I wanted to them to remain unseen.

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Sharon said...

Sara, I love this!!! I can only imagine your delight in creating it. I can just see you digging through all your stash to find the perfect material and just the right embellishment for each page. This is something else I want to see in person some day!!! ")