Completed Projects!

Ever have those unfinished projects that you meant to get completed.....and now it is a zillion years later?  I had a lots of those - and they were driving me nuts.  You would think that having them incomplete would be no big deal.  However, for me there they were always in the back of my mind - taking up space, creative space.  Every time I began a new project, I would be reminded of all the old projects left incomplete!

So, I just started looking around my studio and decided "yes, I am going to take one unfinished project at a time and FINISH it!  There.... said it....did it.....still doing it.... I said I had a lots.

I am going to post my completed projects - it is more for me than you.  A reminder of just how many projects I had and the good feeling of having them done.  Yeah for me!

This post is for Project Pronounced Complete #1
 I had "most" of this project done - I even made a few for gifts to others.  However, in the making one for myself, it was pushed back in the "to do later" as I started other projects with deadlines.  My friend, Susan showed me how to make this adorable treasure dresser box.
 The legs are part of a game set - I thought they were perfect.
My husband wrote a limerick for me for the little book that is attached to the top of the box.

Just so you know, I had started this project at least four years ago...maybe longer.  And ALL that needed to be done was to add the tea set on top and write the limerick!  Now that it's complete, I can actually enjoy having it in my studio!

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