Project Pronounced Complete #8

One of our exchanges this year in our art group was "mail art". I received from Susan a great piece that folded out into a mini-book that she named "stream of consciousness".  I absolutely loved her idea and how she put it together.  I decided to make something similar with a few changes.  I used a medical year book that I had picked up in one of my many dumpster dives and cut the cover to the size I wanted.  I used my own dyed canvas fabric for the spine.  I played the game of using only what I had in my shoebox of miscellaneous images.  I used rubber stamps to add quotes or images but only those that were presently on my work table.  And the last thing was using the verbiage I had previously cut out from books/magazines that I use for ATC's.  Instead I added them and in my own way, it was my stream of consciousness.

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Sharon said...

Sara, This is one of my favorite things to do: using only the things on my table and in my stash box. Your book looks fabulous and very interesting. You know I always want to hold them in my hands and flip through them. ")