Cowgirl Jessica!

My friend Melinda's daughter, Jessica is quite the cowgirl. She is graduating from high school and appreciates hand made things instead of store bought gifts. I recently had tags published in the RubberStampMadness issue for "Days Gone By". I made a different book cover for Jessica than the one that I submitted because I wanted to find a leather piece from my stash that represented a saddle. Congrats as she earned a few ribbons over the weekend in a barrel racing competition! I added quotes on the back of each tag for her.

I did make the inserts for the tags that was different than the original submission.  I separated the pockets using sewing instead of grommets.  The accordion folded book contained four pockets with a map background of areas where her family has taken camping trips.
This is one of the quotes that I added to each of the tags.

FYI - I'll be posting my original book later.


Sharon said...

What an awesome gift for Jessica! My Rachel would have loved that in her cowgirl days. ") An absolutely perfect cover! I used to get pieces of leather from our local western store (Mock Brothers Saddlery) to use for book covers. Haven't done that in a while.....may have to take a trip across the highway. I really like the stamps you used for the tag. I know I have those somewhere........ LOL! Congrats on getting your other book published in RubberStampMadness. I've GOT to get that magazine again. Keep on creating! Sharon

Sharon said...

Hey, Sara, I saw your tag in RubberStampMadness today! I bought the current issue from Susan. What a great tag! I love your work, and the Cowgirl tag is awesome! Hugs! sharon