Tribute to Susan

It's a new beginning for the members of our art group. There have been a few artists that joined our group and left but there has always been the core group of six artists that participated from the very beginning which is now about fifteen years. We were fortunate to have Susan who was our moderator. I'm certain it hasn't always been an easy task. We were probably a bit like herding kittens. I had requested that each member of our current art group make a signature with the theme of "In the Company of Women". I would bind the book when all the signatures were completed. There were amazing pages and I made a private link so the group could view everyone's art. I've posted my contribution for Susan showing my steps to completion.

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Sharon said...

Thank you for putting this together for us, Sara. I loved the theme and it was so much fun finding just the right vintage photos, laces and buttons for my pages. I was thrilled that I had a piece of dress pattern tissue and made a bow from it to put on one page. (You know how much Susan loves dress patterns!) I really gained a new appreciation for all my art sisters and many other women who have added so much to my growth as a woman. Such a great idea and such a sweet gift to Susan from all of us for appreciation of her time and efforts in guiding us as a group for so many years. Our trip to Paris (with 8 of us there from our group, and I'm including Kimberly in that! :), was just the topping on the cake for me! Love you and miss you dearly! big hugs, sharon xxxx