Altered Book

I participated in an altered book round robin which began in September 2007 and ended in March 2008. This weekend, my awesome book of "Time" returned back to me. I say awesome because of all the terrific artists that left their special blueprint in my book. (I had my drawing class on Friday but because the package was waiting for me when I was leaving the house, I could not I had to open the package. Well, needless to say - I did not make it to my drawing class)!

There are so many details! It is a treat to sit down and view the pages and then to discover something you missed before. There is so much eye candy!

This book bounced backed between the United States, Japan, and England. I apologized to those that had to pay the international shipping costs! This book weighed too much! But I vowed that my next altered book round robin would be a miniature book! I promised them!
Click on the link to see the pages in this book: and select "Fifth Child Studio". You can view my other artwork there as well.


Deb said...

Your book looks just wonderful! Any chance you can give us a peek at the inside? Have a great week - Deb

Sara said...

D - Thanks! I made a slide show of the pages and that's what being shown presently on the left side of my blog.

I visit you often - I love your blog!