Making Artful Surroundings

I know I am probably like a lot of women out there who are "saving" that wonderful gift or purchase to use for the perfect "someday." After arriving home from a recent trip where I bought additional pieces of Portmeirion and placing them in the cupboard along with my everyday 'ugly' dishes. I had an Aha! Moment. I made a decision to unload all of my everyday dishes (functional - but not beautiful). I have so many beautiful dishes so why not use them - ALL of them - EVERYDAY?!

So I packed up a few boxes of dishes for donation and now my kitchen only has the "good" dishes to use! And I use them each day because....."SOMEDAY IS TODAY" and that is really all we have....TODAY!

Off to my studio to replace "function" with "beauty and function". This is either a sugar container or spoon holder from the past that makes a really neat pen/pencil/brush holder. There....that already looks better!


Teresa J. Wilber said...

I just love your bits of wisdom, and appreciate you sharing them! Thanks for reminding that "someday is today." I think that my "someday" will begin in May, and I will get those fun opportunities for an a-ha moment, too! Yippee!!!

Sara said...


I have heard there is life after school. I am so proud of you accomplishing your goal! And then yes, in May - out with the ugly - in with beauty.



Deb said...

I am so with you on this... especially using those "perfect" art pieces instead of saving them for that vague "something special"!

Terri said...

Who better than you to use your beautiful things..wether they be dishes or anything else....