Miniature Pop-up Theatres!

I first learned of these theatres from Catherine Moore when she wrote in her blog about a friend that had sent her a popup miniature theatre. From Catherine's site, I visited Iisha Helfman's site: where you can order these very delightful theatres. It's hard to decide which one you want to have - they all are so adorable. I ordered the Christmas theatre for my daughter Kimberly, for that is her favorite holiday. The garden theatre is perfect for my friend Karen, as she has a special connection to all things bunnies and gardens. I thought it would be such a wonderful treat for those children she works with at the hospital. I am saving one of the theatres for my own collection....which I photographed here - but to see the best photo, visit their web site!

Iisha Helfman processes your orders quickly and responds to any questions you might have. I could not be more thrilled when I received my theatres all neatly packaged in a wonderful corresponding folder inserted into the just right size envelope.

What an artful treasure to share with little ones where they can make their own stories for the scene....Oh, who am I kidding....what an artful treasure to share with any age!

After posting, I guess it will no longer be a surprise for Karen or Kimberly when they receive their theatres. Thanks Iisha!

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