ATC's have been popular for some time now. I imagined by the time I completely filled an old sewing drawer full of ATC's, then I would be "done" making them. But that's not the case.

They are little miniature works of art that allow an artist to try new techniques and ideas without a lot of time or materials invested. I enjoy making them best when there is no theme attached. It allows me to use those bits of scraps and odd embellishments that I have just about everywhere in my studio space. I just can't quit making these cards!

I have started giving an ATC away along with a birthday greeting or tucked inside a book with a message for the recipient. I am enjoying even more when I add a calligraphic letter or word and coloring my own background paper.

When I have an ATC arriving in the mail for me....I love sitting down for a cup of tea and taking the time to enjoy the miniature artwork.

Again, I am hoping the popularity of these little jewels stay around for awhile....I am just not tired of making them yet.

These ATC's were done by Madison and Judi in a recent trade.

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